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(New page: {{Command|syntax=ADD_OP_DWELL_MARKER <op number>, <feature num>, <param>, <value>, <sec/rev>, <marker num> |description=*DESCRPTION* |param1=<op number>|param1_desc= |param2=<feature num>...)
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|param1=<op number>|param1_desc=
|param1=<op number>|param1_desc={{op number}}
|param2=<feature num>|param2_desc=
|param2=<feature num>|param2_desc={{feature num}}
|param4=<value>|param4_desc= {{value}}
|param6=<marker num>|param6_desc=
|param6=<marker num>|param6_desc={{marker num}}

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ADD_OP_DWELL_MARKER <op number>, <feature num>, <param>, <value>, <sec/rev>, <marker num>



<op number>
Operation number.
<feature num>
The index to the feature. This will be 1 for the first feature, 2 for the second etc.
If you have selected a shape, then 1 will be the first line/arc in the shape, 2 will be the second.
If you have selected a number of points, lines and circles, then index 1 will give you the first
feature that you selected, 2 will be the second (in the order that you selected them).
Marker parameter.
Name of variable to be set by this command
Define whether the value is in seconds or revolutions.
<marker num>
Marker number.