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|param3=<feature num>|param3_desc={{path_feature num}}
|param3=<feature num>|param3_desc={{path_feature num}}
|param4=<param>|param4_desc= {{marker_param}}
|param4=<param>|param4_desc= {{marker_param}}
|param6=<marker num>|param6_desc={{parameter_variable_any_name}} the number of the marker that was added.
|param6=<marker num>|param6_desc={{get marker num}}

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ADD_OP_MARKER <op number> <marker type> <feature num> <param> <value> <marker num>

Add a utility marker to an operation.


<op number>
Operation number.
<marker type>
Marker Type.
<feature num>
Feature number. 1 for the first feature, 2 for the second etc.
Marker parameter.
Marker value.
<marker num>
Name of variable to be set to the number of the marker that was added.


ADD_OP_MARKER 3, 1, 4, 0.2, 0.5, MarkerNum