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AUTO_CS <use face origin> <number of new CSs created> [<array:list of new CSs>]

Create a CS from a selected face, using the same method as the AutoCS option on the Plugins->Solids Menu.


<use face origin>
1=Use Face Origin, 0=Use Part Origin
<number of new CSs>
variable to set to the number of New CSs created
<list of new CSs>
optional array to get the list of new CSs created

If more than 1 face is selected, then multiple new CSs may be created, in exactly the same way as when using the AUtoCS Plug-In.


AUTO_CS 0, iNumCS  ! create new CSs at part origin

LOCAL iListCS(10)
AUTO_CS 1, iNumCS, iListCS  ! create new CSs at face origin and return the list of CSs