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Program_Variables Description
PLUGIN_VERSION_1 Version number of GibbsCAM that the macro plugin
PLUGIN_VERSION_2 was developed for, expressed as 3 values. eg 9.5.1
PLUGIN_VERSION_3 version_1 = 9, version_2 = 5, version_3 = 1
GIBBSCAM_VERSION_1 Version number of GibbsCAM that is
GIBBSCAM_VERSION_2 currently running, expressed as 3 values
GIBBSCAM_VERSION_3 same format as plugin_version
CURRENT_WG_NUMBER The current WorkGroup number
CURRENT_CS_NUMBER The current CS number
SCREEN_WIDTH Total screen width, in screen units
SCREEN_HEIGHT Total screen height
GIBBSCAM_WINDOW_X1 Left corner of GibbsCAM window
GIBBSCAM_WINDOW_Y1 Top corner of GibbsCAM window
GIBBSCAM_WINDOW_X2 Right corner of GibbsCAM window
GIBBSCAM_WINDOW_Y2 Bottom corner of GibbsCAM window
EXCEL_IS_OPEN Set to 1 if Excel is currently opened by a macro
EXCEL_IS_VISIBLE Set to 1 if Excel is visible, 0 if hidden
These variables are set by some of the macro commands Description
PointRef Reference number of point created
LineRef Reference number of line created
CircleRef Reference number of circle created
ContourRef Reference number of contour created
SolidRef Reference number of solid created
ExcelError Error code set by all Excel commands (0 = no error)
ExcelCellLength Length of text read from a cell in characters
FileError Error code set by all file commands (0 = no error)
ReadVarsNumVars Number of variables read using READ_NUM_VARS command
HoleFrError Error code set by all HOLEFR commands (0 = no error)
CsNumber Number of CS created
WgNumber Number of WorkGroup created
Button Number of button pressed on macro dialog (0 = OK button)

The HOLEFR_GET_FEAT command sets these variables.

HOLEFR Variables Description
HoleFrRef Hole Feature Reference number
HoleFrType Hole Type
HoleFrCS Hole CS number
HoleFrRevCS CS number for opposite direction
HoleFrThroughType Though Hole Type
HoleFrDia Overall Diameter
HoleFrDiaTop Diameter at Top of Hole
HoleFrDepth Total Depth
HoleFrMidDepth Mid Depth
HoleFrFullDepth Full Depth
HoleFrTopClear Top Clearance Amount
HoleFrBottomClear Bottom Clearance Amount
HoleFrTopZ Top Z
HoleFrBottomZ Bottom Z
HoleFrTop Top
HoleFrBottom Bottom
HoleFrWidth Width
HoleFrAngle Angle
HoleFrTipAngle Tip Angle
HoleFrPosX Hole Position
HoleFrPosY measured at the
HoleFrPosZ bottom of the hole
HoleFrPosTopX Hole Position
HoleFrPosTopY measured at the
HoleFrPosTopZ top of the hole
HoleFrPosAxisX Axis vector
HoleFrPosAxisY measured from
HoleFrPosAxisZ bottom to top