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{{Command|syntax=[[Image:circle_3p.png|right|CRICLE_3P]]CIRCLE_3P <circle number>, <point>, <point>, <point>
|description=Create a circle from 3 points, to create the circle in the GibbsCam window see here.
|param1=<circle number>|param1_desc= {{circle number}}
{{Command|syntax=[[Image:circle_3p.png|right|CRICLE_3P]]CIRCLE_3P <circle number>, <point 1>, <point 2>, <point 3>
|param2=<point>|param2_desc= {{point}}
|description=:Create a [[macro_circle|circle]] from 3 points.
|param3=<point>|param3_desc= {{point}}
|param4=<point>|param4_desc= {{point}}
|param1=<circle number>|param1_desc= {{create circle number}}
|param2=<point 1>|param2_desc= {{point}}
|param3=<point 2>|param3_desc= {{point}}
|param4=<point 3>|param4_desc= {{point}}

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CIRCLE_3P <circle number>, <point 1>, <point 2>, <point 3>

Create a circle from 3 points.


<circle number>
The number of the circle to be created.
A number between 1 and 100.
<point 1>
The number of an existing point.
<point 2>
The number of an existing point.
<point 3>
The number of an existing point.


CIRCLE_3P 1, 1, 2, 3