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DIALOG <caption> <left> <top> <width> <height>
FONT <font name> <font size>
LABEL <left> <top> <width> <height> <label text>
INPUT <left> <top> <width> <height> <variable> [<default>]
CHECK <left> <top> <width> <height> <text> <variable> [<default>]
RADIO <left> <top> <width> <height> <variable> [<default> <group number>]
IMAGE <left> <top> <width> <height> <filename>
FRAME <left> <top> <width> <height>
BUTTON <left> <top> <width> <height> <caption> <variable>
DROPDOWN_NEW <left> <top> <width> <height> <variable>
DROPDOWN_ADD <dropdown number> <caption> <value>
DROPDOWN_VAL <dropdown number> <initial value>
DROPDOWN_EXCEL <dropdown number> <excel range number>
OK <left> <top> <width> <height>
CANCEL <left> <top> <width> <height>
ON_EVENT <control to check> <control to change> <change>
ON_DROPDOWN <dropdown number> <index> <control to change> <change>
ON_RADIO <radio number> <value> <control to change> <change>
LOAD_DEFAULTS [1=enabled/0=disabled]
SAVE_DEFAULTS [1=enabled/0=disabled]

<index> is the value of the combo, 1 for first item is selected, 2 for second.

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