Commands Coordinate Systems

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NEW_CS <cs number>
SET_CS <cs number>
DELETE_CS <cs number>
GET_MASTER_CS <master cs> <wp> <cs number>
GET_CS_NAME <cs number> <name>
SET_CS_NAME <cs number> <name>
GET_CS_WFO <cs number> <wfo number>
SET_CS_WFO <cs number> <wfo number>
GET_GEO_CS <geo ref> <cs number>
SET_GEO_CS <geo ref> <cs number>
GET_CS_MATRIX <cs number> <matrix array> [<local CS WP>]
SET_CS_MATRIX <cs number> <matrix array>
AUTO_CS <use face origin> <number of new CSs created> [<array:list of new CSs>]
MODIFY_CS <cs number> <ORIGIN/ALIGN_H/ALIGN_V> [<point or line data>]