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! find the middle of each selected face and create
! a 3d line that is normal to the face at that point
! --------------------------------------------------

normal_length = 1  ! length of surface normal to create
get_selected_solid_list  ! get list of selected solids
num_solids = number_of_solids
if num_solids<1 then stop "Please select at least 1 face"
num_points = 0
for i=1 to num_solids
sol_ref = next_solid_ref

get_solid_selected_face_list sol_ref
num_faces = number_of_faces

for j=1 to num_faces
face_ref = next_face_ref
get_solid_face_uv sol_ref, face_ref, u1, v1, u2, v2

uu = (u1 + u2)/2
vv = (v1 + v2)/2

get_solid_face_point sol_ref, face_ref, uu, vv, x1, y1, z1
get_solid_face_normal sol_ref, face_ref, uu, vv, vx, vy, vz

x2 = x1 + (vx * normal_length)
y2 = y1 + (vy * normal_length)
z2 = z1 + (vz * normal_length)

contour_3d [
start x1, y1, z1
line x2, y2, z2

next j
next i