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{{Command|syntax=[[Image:debug.png|right|DEBUG]]DEBUG <label>, <var name> (max 50 variables)
|description=:view the value of variables.
{{Command|syntax=[[Image:debug.png|right|DEBUG]]DEBUG <nowiki>[<caption>], <var name>, <var name>...</nowiki> (between 1 and 50 variables)
|param2=<var name>|param2_desc={{var name}}
|description=:Show the current value of macro variables.
|param1=<caption>|param1_desc=Optional caption text.
|param2=<nowiki><var name></nowiki>|param2_desc=Variable name
:DEBUG "deubug example", r1, a1
:DEBUG r1, a1
:DEBUG "debug example", a$, q1
:For an example macro see  [[Calc_Geo_Extents]]

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DEBUG [<caption>], <var name>, <var name>... (between 1 and 50 variables)

Show the current value of macro variables.


Optional caption text.
<var name>
Variable name


DEBUG r1, a1
DEBUG "debug example", a$, q1

For an example macro see Calc_Geo_Extents