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GET_COMMANDS <filename>, [<option>], [<ver 1>, <ver 2>, <ver 3>]

Creates a file that lists all the commands in the macro language.


Filename as either text in double quotes, or a text variable.
If the filename does not contain full path information, then the file will be opened in the same folder as the macro.
Set to 1 for commands only, or 2 for commands plus brief notes.
[<ver 1>]
GibbsCAM Version number, part 1
[<ver 2>]
GibbsCAM Version number, part 2
[<ver 3>]
GibbsCAM Version number, part 3
If you specify the GibbsCAM version number, then the file will only contain commands available since that version of GibbsCAM.


GET_COMMANDS "Commands.txt" (to get commands only)
GET_COMMANDS "Commands.txt", 1, 9, 5, 22 (to get commands added since version 9.5.22)

For an example macro see Get_Commands