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(New page: {{Command|syntax=GET_OP_FEAT_ARC_DATA <op number>, <feature num>, <rad>, <dir>, <xc>, <yc>, <nowiki>[<zc>]</nowiki> |description=*DESCRPTION* |param1=<op number>|param1_desc= |param2=<fea...)
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|param1=<op number>|param1_desc=
|param1=<op number>|param1_desc={{op number}}
|param2=<feature num>|param2_desc=
|param2=<feature num>|param2_desc={{feature num}}
|param4=<dir>|param4_desc= {{dir}}

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GET_OP_FEAT_ARC_DATA <op number>, <feature num>, <rad>, <dir>, <xc>, <yc>, [<zc>]



<op number>
Operation number.
<feature num>
The index to the feature. This will be 1 for the first feature, 2 for the second etc.
If you have selected a shape, then 1 will be the first line/arc in the shape, 2 will be the second.
If you have selected a number of points, lines and circles, then index 1 will give you the first
feature that you selected, 2 will be the second (in the order that you selected them).
Clockwise / Counter-Clockwise direction.
X co-ordinate of the center point.
Y co-ordinate of the center point.
z co-ordinate of the center of the circle.