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GLOBAL <var name>, <var name>, <var name> (max 50 variables)

Define variables that can be used in a macro and any macro that it calls.


<var name>
The name of the variable to be defined.
For a string variable, the name must end with a dollar sign "$".
For an array variable, you must specify the number of elements in the array.
For example MyNumericArray(10) or MyStringArray$(15).
When using arrays, the first element is always 1.

A maximum of 50 variable names may be defined by one GLOBAL command, each separated by a comma.


GLOBAL iref1
GLOBAL ToolList(20), OpList(100), Notes$(5), Counter, ToolNum

For an example macro see Modify_Op_Path Explode_Shape Calc_Geo_Extents Get_Commands Get_MTM_Data Global_Local