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SELECT_GEO <geo ref>
DESELECT_GEO <geo ref>
SELECT_SHAPE <shape ref>
DESELECT_SHAPE <shape ref>
SET_MARKERS <side> <start feature> <start dist> <end feature> <end dist> [<dir> <single feature>]
GET_SELECTION_LIST <list number>
SET_SELECTION_LIST <list number> <add>
GET_NUM_FEAT_SELECTED <num features>
GET_SELECTED_GEO_REF <feature num> <geo ref>
GET_FEAT_TYPE <feature num> <type>
GET_FEAT_START <geo ref> <cs> <xs> <ys> [<zs>]
GET_FEAT_END <geo ref> <cs> <xe> <ye> [<ze>]
GET_CIRCLE_DATA <geo ref> <cs> <rad> <xc> <yc> [<zc>]
GET_ARC_DATA <geo ref> <cs> <rad> <xc> <yc> [<zc>]
POINT_GET_DATA <point number>, <x>, <y>