Get MTM Data

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! Get MTM Data

global num_flows, num_tool_groups, num_spindles
global num_flows$, num_tool_groups$, num_spindles$

check part_open, "You must have a part open to run this macro"

get_post_data mach_flows, num_flows
get_post_data num_tool_groups, num_tool_groups
get_post_data num_spindles, num_spindles

num_flows$ = format$(num_flows, "0")
num_tool_groups$ = format$(num_tool_groups, "0")
num_spindles$ = format$(num_spindles, "0")

dialog "GetMTMData.dlg"

if button = 1 then stop "flows"
if button = 2 then stop "tool groups"
if button = 3 then stop "spindles"