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Variables set by HOLEFR_GET_SEGMENT command

HOLEFR Variable Description Description
HoleFrSegmentType Number (1=simple, 2=threaded) Segment type
HoleFrSegmentMethod Number (1=drill, 2=bore, 3=ream) Preferred machining method
HoleFrSegmentThreaded Number (1=threaded, 0=not threaded) Is this segment threaded
HoleFrSegmentPitch Number Thread pitch, if threaded
HoleFrSegmentTPI Number Threads Per Inch, if threaded
HoleFrSegmentDiaTop Number Diameter at top of segment
HoleFrSegmentDiaBottom Number Diameter at bottom of segment
HoleFrSegmentDistTop Number Distance from top of hole to top of segment
HoleFrSegmentDistBottom Number Distance from top of hole to bottom of segment
HoleFrSegmentLength Number Length of segment
HoleFrSegmentTaper Number Taper angle from top to bottom of segment