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IF <value 1> <condition> <value 2>, THEN

Conditional check to compare two values and act upon the result.


<value 1>
First value to check
Type of check, must be on of the following
= Equals
<> Not equal
< Less than
> Greater than
<= Less than or equal
>= Greater than or equal
<value 2>
Second value to check
The second value must be followed by THEN
Any macro command can follow THEN. This command will be executed if the check if true


A1 = 3
A2 = 4
IF A1 < A2 THEN Message "Hello"
IF A1 = A2 THEN Message "Goodbye"

The message "Hello" will be displayed (because 3 is less than 4), but the message "Goodbye" will not be displayed (because 3 is not eual to 4).

For an example macro see Modify_Op_Path Modify_op_path2 Calc_Geo_Extents Check_Point_Data Check_Circle_Data Check_Arc_Data Debug_Sel_geo Geo_Pattern Get_MTM_Data Get_Op_Tool_Path Global_Local Inch_Metric Print_Geo_Data_To_File Solid_Type Wg_List