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|param2=<circle>|param2_desc= {{circle}}   
|param2=<circle>|param2_desc= {{circle}}   
|param3=<angle>|param3_desc= {{angle}}  
|param3=<angle>|param3_desc= {{angle}}  
|param4=<option>|param4_desc= {{option}}  
|param4=<option>|param4_desc= {{1-2option}}  

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LINE_CA <line number>, <circle>, <angle>, <option>

Create a line tangent to a circle with an angle.


<line number>
The number of a previously defined macro line.
The number of an existing circle.
angle value, either degrees or radians. Positive angles indicate a CCW direction, negative for CW.

Use the DEGREES or RADIANS commands to switch between the two angle modes.
1 or 2, to select one of the 2 possible solutions.


LINE_CA 1, 1, 45, 1