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Parameter Description Version Number
TOOL_NUM Tool number
PROC_GROUP Process group number
PROC_ID Process ID number
PROC_OP Process operation number
WG_NUM WorkGroup number
CS_NUM CS number
PATH_CS Toolpath CS number
LOCKS Locks setting
TYPE Operation type
MILL_TYPE Mill operation type
LATHE_TYPE Lathe Operation type
NUM_REPEATS Number of repeats
CRC CRC on/off
CRC_OFFSET CRC offset number
LEN_OFFSET Length offset number
COOLANT Coolant type
CUT_TYPE Cut type
DRILL_TYPE Drill cycle type
DRILL_CLEAR_PLANE Drill clearance plane height
DRILL_POS_APPROACH Use positive approach
MATERIAL_ONLY Use material only option
RAPID_IN Rapid in
LTHREAD_TYPE Lathe thread type
LTHREAD_SHAPE_METHOD 0=From Parameters, 1=From Shape 12.0.36
LTHREAD_STYPE Lathe thread type
LTHREAD_ALTERNATE Lathe thread alternate cut option
LTHREAD_NOM_PITCH_INDEX Lathe thread nominal pitch index
LTHREAD_BALANCED Lathe thread balance option
LTHREAD_ANGLE_ALT Lathe thread alternate angle
LTHREAD_STARTS Lathe thread number of starts
LTHREAD_LAST_CUT Lathe thread last cut option
LATHE_PREFER_CANNED Prefer canned option
LATHE_CANNED_AUTOFIN Auto finish option
LATHE_CUT_DIR Cut direction
NUM_SPRING_PASSES Number of spring passes
LATHE_ROUGH_TYPE Rough cycle type
LATHE_PULL_OFF_WALL Pulloff wall value
LATHE_PLUNGE_CENTER_OUT Plunge from center outwards
LATHE_PAT_SHIFT_FIXED_SRT Pattern shift fixed option
LATHE_PAT_SHIFT_PASSES Pattern shift number of passes
LATHE_SQUARE_CORNERS Square corners option
LATHE_NO_DRAG No drag option
LATHE_CUT_OFF Cut off value
LATHE_OD_ID_FACE OD ID Face setting (OD=0, ID=1, Front Face=3, Back Face [MTM]=4)
WRAP Wrap option
WRAP_DUPS Wrap number of duplications
PROG_STOP Program stop option
POCKET_TYPE Pocket type
TOOL_GROUP ToolGroup number
USE_CSS 1=CSS, 0=RPM 12.8.30
WORKPIECE Workpiece number
FLOW Flow number
SPIN_CONTROL Spindle control option
LATHE_CUT_OTHER_SIDE Cut other side option
POCKET_OUTER_AS_BOSS 1=Outer as Boss 10.5.18
POCKET_ENTRY_RAMP Pocket entry uses ramp
POCKET_ENTRY_HELIX_TYPE Pocket entry helix type
SURFACE_ENTRY_TYPE Surface entry type
SURFACE_ENTRY_RAMP_TYPE Surface entry ramp type
MACH_ENGINE Machining engine
CRC_OFFSET CRC offset number
PATTERN_ON Pattern on setting
PATTERN_INDEX Pattern index
ROUND_CORNERS Round corners option
ENTRY_PERP Entry is perpendicular
EXIT_PERP Exit is perpendicular
IGNORE_TOOLS Ignore tools option
DEPTH_FIRST Cut depth first
FM_USE_SHAPE Use shape
FM_HPLUS Cut in Horizontal plus direction
FM_VPLUS Cut in vertical plus direction
FM_MOVEH Move horizontal
ZIG_ZAG Zigzag option
BACK_FORTH Back and Forth is checked
ENTRY_TYPE Entry move type
START_ON_RIGHT Start on right
RETRACTS Use retracts
HIT_PARALLEL Hit parallel option
STAY_CLEAR Stay clear option
CUT_BACK Cut back amount
SAME_STROKE Same stroke option
FULL_DIA Full diameter value
STEPOVER_FEED_LOCK Stepover feed lock
CLEAR_FEED_LOCK Clearance feed lock is checked
SCALLOP_FEED_LOCK Scallop feed lock
CLEAR_PERIPH Clear periphery is selected
HIT_FLATS Hit flats option
MTHREAD_TRAVERSE_CP1 Thread mill traverse at CP1
MTHREAD_ID_OD Thread mill ID or OD option
MTHREAD_THREAD_DIR Thread mill thread direction
SURFACE_TYPE Surface type
SURFACE_CUT_TYPE Surface cut type
SURFACE_BACK_FORTH Surface back and forth option
SURFACE_LACE_CUT_DIR Surface lace cut direction
SURFACE_OUTPUT_PREF Surface output preference
SURFACE_CUT_OPT Surface cut option
SURFACE_OFFSET_SURFS Surface offset surfaces option
SURFACE_ONE_PASS Surface one pass option
SURFACE_CONSTRAIN Surface constraint amount
SURFACE_RETRACT_OPT Surface retract option
SURFACE_STAY_IN_STOCK Surface stay in stock option
SURFACE_CLEAR_STOCK Surface clear stock amount
SURFACE_CLEAR_STOCK_TYPE Surface clear stock type
SURFACE_CUT_OVER_EDGES Surface cut over edges
SURFACE_SKIP_FLATS Surface skip flats option
SURFACE_CURVE_CUT_DIR Surface curve cut direction
SFLOW_MACH_DIR Surface flow machining direction
SFLOW_MACH_ZORDER Surface flow machining Z order
SFLOW_TRAVEL_AROUND_MODE Surface flow travel around mode
SFLOCUT_TYPE Surface flow cut type
INTERSECT_CLEANUP_FROM Cleanup from option
INTERSECT_PASSES_PER_SIDE Number of passes per side
LROUGH_ROUND_CORNERS Lathe rough round corners option
LROUGH_EXIT_PERP Lathe rough exit perpendicular option
LROUGH_XPLUS Lathe rough cuts in X plus direction
LROUGH_XMINUS Lathe rough cuts in X minus direction
LROUGH_ZPLUS Lathe rough cuts in Z plus direction
LROUGH_ZMINUS Lathe rough cuts in Z minus direction
LROUGH_AUTOFIN Lathe rough auto finish option
LROUGH_SPINDLE_DIR Lathe rough spindle direction
LROUGH_CONSTANT_PATH Lathe rough constant path option
WALL_STEP Wall step amount
WALL_TOP_TO_BOTTOM Wall cut from top to bottom
WALL_SAME_DIR Wall same direction option
WALL_DCEP_SIDE Wall DCEP side value
WALL_SWEPT_POCKET Wall uses swept pockets
WALL_SWEPT_ISLAND Wall uses swept islands
CUT_SIDE Cut side
S_USE_ADV_TOL Use advanced tolerance
M_USE_ADV_TOL Use advanced tolerance
WALL_MODE Wall mode
INTER_OP_OVERRIDE Interop override option
UTIL_TYPE Utility type
MD_FROM_TOOL Multi-depth from tool
MD_VARY_WITH_GEO Multi-depth vary with geometry
MD_VARY_WITH_FEAT Multi-depth vary with feature
MD_RETRACT_LEVEL Multi-depth retract level
CONTOUR_ENTRY_RAMP_TYPE Contour entry ramp type
CONTOUR_ENTRY_HELIX_TYPE Contour entry helix type
CONTOUR_RAMP_DOWN 1=Ramp Down 10.5.18
CONTOUR_NUM_EXTRA_OFFSETS Number of extra offsets 10.5.18
PREFER_SUBS Prefer subs setting
START_SYNC Start sync number
END_SYNC End sync number
STROKE_SYNC Stroke sync number
DRILL_BORE_CUT_TYPE Drill bore cut type
ADV_EXIT_SAME_AS_ENTRY 1=Exit values are same as entry 10.2.22
ADV_ENTRY_TYPE Entry type 10.2.22
ADV_EXIT_TYPE Exit type 10.2.22
ADV_LINE_ENTRY_USE_CRC 1=Line Entry uses CRC 10.2.22
ADV_LINE_ENTRY_USE_OFF_PART_LINE 1=Line Entry uses Off Part Line 10.2.22
ADV_LINE_ENTRY_USE_RAMP 1=Line Entry uses Ramp 10.2.22
ADV_LINE_ENTRY_RAMP_INCLUDE_LINE 1=Line Entry Ramp uses Include Line 10.2.22
ADV_LINE_EXIT_USE_CRC 1=Line Exit uses CRC 10.2.22
ADV_LINE_EXIT_USE_OFF_PART_LINE 1=Line Exit uses Off Part Line 10.2.22
ADV_LINE_EXIT_USE_RAMP 1=Line Exit uses Ramp 10.2.22
ADV_LINE_EXIT_RAMP_INCLUDE_LINE 1=Line Exit Ramp uses Include Line 10.2.22
ADV_ARC_ENTRY_USE_CRC 1=Arc Entry uses CRC 10.2.22
ADV_ARC_ENTRY_USE_OFF_PART_LINE 1=Arc Entry uses Off Part Line 10.2.22
ADV_ARC_ENTRY_USE_RAMP 1=Arc Entry uses Ramp 10.2.22
ADV_ARC_ENTRY_RAMP_INCLUDE_RADIUS 1=Arc Entry Ramp uses Include Radius 10.2.22
ADV_ARC_EXIT_USE_CRC 1=Arc Exit uses CRC 10.2.22
ADV_ARC_EXIT_USE_OFF_PART_LINE 1=Arc Exit uses Off Part Line 10.2.22
ADV_ARC_EXIT_USE_RAMP 1=Arc Exit uses Ramp 10.2.22
ADV_ARC_EXIT_RAMP_INCLUDE_RADIUS 1=Arc Exit Ramp uses Include Radius 10.2.22
DRILL_REVERSE_ORDER Drill cycle has Reverse Order checked 10.2.22
BAXIS_USED B Axis Turning is used 10.2.22
BAXIS_METHOD B Axis Turning Method 10.2.22
BAXIS_MULTI_TRANS B Axis Turning uses multiple transitions 10.2.22
BAXIS_USE_MIN_ANGLE B Axis Turning Minimum Angle 10.2.22
BAXIS_USE_MAX_ANGLE B Axis Turning Maximum Angle 10.2.22
BAXIS_SMOOTH_CORNERS B Axis Turning uses Smooth Corners option 10.2.22
BAXIS_VECTOR_TYPE B Axis Turning Vector Type 10.2.22
BAXIS_CHECK_COLLISIONS B Axis Turning uses Collision Checking 10.2.22
LOCK_ENTRY_CLEAR 1=Lock Entry Clear 10.2.22
LOCK_EXIT_CLEAR 1=Lock Exit Clear 10.2.22
LOCK_ENTRY_FEED 1=Lock Entry Feed 10.2.22
LOCK_CONTOUR_FEED 1=Lock Contour Feed 10.2.22
LOCK_RPM 1=Lock Speed 10.2.22
LOCK_CSS 1=Lock CSS 10.2.22
LOCK_MAX_RPM 1=Lock Max RPM 10.2.22
LOCK_WRAP_START_ANGLE 1=Lock Start Angle 10.2.22
LOCK_WRAP 1=Lock Wrap 10.2.22
LOCK_WRAP_DUPS 1=Lock Num Copies 10.2.22
LOCK_WRAP_DUP_ANGLE 1=Lock Duplicate Angle 10.2.22
LOCK_COOLANT 1=Lock Coolant 10.2.22
LOCK_DWELL 1=Lock Dwell 10.2.22
LOCK_PROG_STOP 1=Lock Program Stop 10.2.22
LOCK_PATTERN_ON 1=Lock Pattern 10.2.22
LOCK_LEN_OFFSET 1=Lock Tl Offset 10.2.22
LOCK_CRC 1=Lock CRC 10.2.22
LOCK_CRC_OFFSET 1=Lock CRC Offset 10.2.22
LOCK_PREFER_CANNED 1=Lock Prefer Canned 10.2.22
LOCK_AUTOFIN 1=Lock Auto Finish 10.2.22
LOCK_POS_APPROACH 1=Lock Pos Approach 10.2.22
LOCK_TAP_PERCENT 1=Lock Tap percent 10.2.22
LOCK_UTIL_MARKERS 1=Lock Utility Markers 10.2.22
THREAD_MILL_RAPID_TO_FROM_CLEAR 1=Rapid to/from Clearance Diameter 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_PLUNGE_AT_CENTER 0=Plunge at center, 1=Plunge at Diameter 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_VARY_WITH_GEO 1=Vary depth with geometry 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_ENTRY_EXIT_METHOD Entry/Exit method 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_ENTRY_EXIT_RAD Entry/Exit radius 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_CUT_TYPE 0=One Top Pass, 1=One Finish Pass, 3=Const Cut 3=Const Load 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_DO_LAST_CUT 1=Specify exact depth of last cut 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_NUM_SPRING_PASSES Number of Spring Passes 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_START_DEPTH_TYPE 0=Abs Z, 1=Top of Hole, 2=Seg Start, 3=Seg End 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_END_DEPTH_TYPE 0=Top, 1=Chamfer, 2=Mid, 3=Bottom, 4=Seg start, 5=Seg end, 6=Abs 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_START_SEGNUM Start Depth Segment Number 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_END_SEGNUM End Depth Segment Number 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_SEGMENT_MATCH 1=Use Segment Matching 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_SEG_MATCH_LEN 1=Match Segment Length 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_SEG_MATCH_DIA 1=Match Segment Diameter 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_SEG_MATCH_TAPER 1=Match Segment Taper 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_SEG_MATCH_METHOD 1=Match Segment Method 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_DIM_FROM_TOOL 0=Dimension from Hole, 1=Dimension from Tool 10.3.11
THREAD_MILL_BOTTOM_UP 0=Top down, 1=Bottom Up 10.3.11