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Command Version Number
Integer Values Description
START_PROG_NUM Start program number
SEQ_FROM Block seq from value
SEQ_BY Block seq by value
ABS_MOVES Post output is in absolute
METRIC_OUTPUT Post output is metric
COMMENTS Comments is checked
OP_STOPS Optional stops is checked
NUM_PARTS Number of parts
WORK_FIXTURES Use work fixtures
ONE_PART_ALL_TOOLS One part all tools option
INTER_PART_FULL_UP Inter part full up option
MINIMIZE Minimize block numbers
SELECTED_OPS Post selected ops
MINIMIZE_SUBS Minimize subs 11.3.25
PREF_SUB prefer subs
PREF_HEADER_PROG_NAME Header Program name preference
PREF_HEADER_PROG_COMMENT Header Program comment preference
PREF_HEADER_FORMAT_NAME Header format name preference
PREF_HEADER_FORMAT_CODE Header format code preference
PREF_HEADER_DATE_TIME Header time preference
PREF_HEADER_NUM_PARTS Number of parts preference
PREF_HEADER_START_TOOL Start tool preference
PREF_HEADER_SPECIAL Special data preference
PREF_OP_OPNUM_TYPE Op number type option
PREF_OP_OP_COMMENT Op comment option
PREF_OP_WG_COMMENT WorkGroup comment option
PREF_OP_TOOLNUM_TYPE Tool number type option
PREF_OP_TOOL_COMMENT Tool comment option
PREF_FOOTER_CHARS Footer in characters preference
PREF_FOOTER_FEET Footer in feet preference
PREF_FOOTER_METERS Footer in meters preference
PREF_FOOTER_METRES Footer in metres preference

Floating Point Values Description
PART_SPACING_X Part spacing in X direction
PART_SPACING_Y Part spacing in Y direction
PART_SPACING_Z Part spacing in Z direction

String Values Description
POST_FILE Post filename
OUTPUT_FILE Output filename