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RUN_CMD <filename>, [<text to pass to exe>], [<add quotes>], [<wait for it to finish>]

Run a system command. This command should be used instead of RUN_EXE when the program you want to run resides in one of the fodlers listed in the current Windows Path. if you know the full pathname of the program, or it is resides in the current macro folder, then you can use RUN_EXE.


<exe filename>
Name of command to run.
[<text to pass to exe>]
Command line text to pass to command. Default is no text.
[<add quotes>]
Set to 0 to use the text as supplied, 1 to to add quotes around it. Default is 1.
[<wait for it to finish>]
Set to 0 to start the command and then continue with the macro. 1 to wait until the command finished before continuing with the macro. Default is 1.


RUN_CMD "Notepad.exe", "MyFile.txt"