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RUN_EXE <filename>, [<text to pass to exe>], [<add quotes>], [<wait for it to finish>]

Run an executable file. if the file does not reside in the current macro folder, then you must supply the complete pathname. If you want to run a system command (a program that resides in one of the fodlers listed in the current Windows Path), then you should use RUN_CMD.


<exe filename>
Name of EXE to run
[<text to pass to exe>]
Command line text to pass to EXE. Default is no text.
[<add quotes>]
Set to 0 to use the text as supplied, 1 to to add quotes around it. Default is 1.
[<wait for it to finish>]
Set to 0 to start the EXE and then continue with the macro. 1 to wait until the EXE finished before continuing with the macro. Default is 1.


RUN_EXE "MyApp.exe", output_file$
RUN_EXE "MyApp.exe", "DataFile.txt", 0, 1
For an example macro see Get_Op_Tool_Path Run_Post