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| align="left" |[[SET_GEO_ATTR_COLOR]] <geo ref> <red> <green> <blue> ||
| align="left" |[[SET_GEO_ATTR_COLOR]] <geo ref> <red> <green> <blue> ||
| align="left" |[[SELECT_GEO_ATTR_COLOR]] <geo ref number> <red> <green> <blue> ||
| align="left" |[[SELECT_GEO_ATTR_COLOR]] <geo ref> <red> <green> <blue> ||
| align="left" |[[GET_GEO_USER_COLOR]] <geo ref> <red> <green> <blue> ||
| align="left" |[[GET_GEO_USER_COLOR]] <geo ref> <red> <green> <blue> ||

Latest revision as of 18:32, 23 October 2019

GET_LINE_FEED_STATUS <geo ref> <status>
SET_LINE_FEED_STATUS <geo ref> <status>
GET_GEO_ATTR_COLOR <geo ref> <red> <green> <blue>
SET_GEO_ATTR_COLOR <geo ref> <red> <green> <blue>
SELECT_GEO_ATTR_COLOR <geo ref> <red> <green> <blue>
GET_GEO_USER_COLOR <geo ref> <red> <green> <blue>
SET_GEO_USER_COLOR <geo ref> <red> <green> <blue>
SELECT_GEO_BY_USER_COLOR <red> <green> <blue>
DELETE_GEO <geo ref>
DELETE_SHAPE <geo ref>
GET_GEO_AIR <geo ref> <wall/air state>
SET_GEO_AIR <geo ref> <wall/air state>
MIRROR_GEO <axis> <axis value> [1/0]
ROTATE_GEO <xc> <yc> <angle> [<number of copies>]
SCALE_GEO <scale factor>
TRANSLATE_GEO <dx> <dy> [<dz>] [<num copies>]
POINT_TRANSLATE <point number>, <dx>, <dy>
POINT_ROTATE <point number>, <xc>, <yc>, <angle>
LINE_COPY <line number> <new line number>
POINT_MIRROR <point number>, <axis>, <axis value>
CIRCLE_COPY <circle number> <new circle number>
CIRCLE_TRANSLATE <circle number> <dx> <dy>
CIRCLE_ROTATE <circle number> <xc> <yc> <angle>
CIRCLE_MIRROR <circle number> <axis> <axis value>
SORT_GEO <sort type> <main axis x> <scan height> <max gap> <plus X> <plus Y> 10.2.27
SEGMENT_SEL_CURVE <tolerance> <geometry type> 10.7.11