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   IT_BLOCK_LIBRARY_ADD <block make>   
   IT_BLOCK_LIBRARY_DELETE <block make>   
   IT_BLOCK_LIBRARY_RENAME <old block make> <new block make>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_NUM_MAKES <number of block names>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_MAKE_NAME <index> <name>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_NUM_BLOCKS <name> <num blocks>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_NAME <block make> <index> <block name>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_DATA <block make> <block name> <oarameter> <value>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_TYPE <block make> <block name> <index> <value>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_LIST_TYPES <block make> <block name> <array:list of types> <num>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_ALL_TYPES <block make> <block name> <array:list of types> <num>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_SHANK_SIZE <block make> <block name> <index> <value>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_LIST_SHANK_SIZES <block make> <block name> <array:list of shank sizes> <num>   
   IT_BLOCKS_GET_ALL_SHANK_SIZES <block make> <block name> <array:list of shank sizes> <num>   
   IT_BLOCKS_ADD <block make> <block name>   
   IT_BLOCKS_DELETE <block make> <block name>   
   IT_BLOCKS_RENAME <block make> <old block name> <new block name>   
   IT_BLOCKS_SET_DATA <block make> <block name> <oarameter> <value>   
   IT_BLOCKS_ADD_TYPE <block make> <block name> <value>   
   IT_BLOCKS_REMOVE_TYPE <block make> <block name> <value>   
   IT_BLOCKS_ADD_SHANK_SIZE <block make> <block name> <value>   
   IT_BLOCKS_REMOVE_SHANK_SIZE <block make> <block name> <value>