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Program_Variables Description
PLUGIN_VERSION_1 Version number of GibbsCAM that the macro plugin
PLUGIN_VERSION_2 was developed for, expressed as 3 values. eg 9.5.1
PLUGIN_VERSION_3 version_1 = 9, version_2 = 5, version_3 = 1
GIBBSCAM_VERSION_1 Version number of GibbsCAM that is
GIBBSCAM_VERSION_2 currently running, expressed as 3 values
GIBBSCAM_VERSION_3 same format as plugin_version
CURRENT_WG_NUMBER The current WorkGroup number
CURRENT_CS_NUMBER The current CS number
SCREEN_WIDTH Total screen width, in screen units
SCREEN_HEIGHT Total screen height
GIBBSCAM_WINDOW_X1 Left corner of GibbsCAM window
GIBBSCAM_WINDOW_Y1 Top corner of GibbsCAM window
GIBBSCAM_WINDOW_X2 Right corner of GibbsCAM window
GIBBSCAM_WINDOW_Y2 Bottom corner of GibbsCAM window
EXCEL_IS_OPEN Set to 1 if Excel is currently opened by a macro
EXCEL_IS_VISIBLE Set to 1 if Excel is visible, 0 if hidden