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Integer Values Description
MTOOL_LENGTH Mill tool Length
MTOOL_LEAD_TIP Mill tool lead tip value
MTOOL_TIP_RAD Mill tool tip radius
MTOOL_INNER_TOP_CORNER_RAD Mill tool inner corner top radius
MTOOL_BOTTOM_RAD Mill tool bottom radius
MTOOL_TOP_RAD Mill tool top radius
MTOOL_OUT_OF_HOLDER_LEN Mill tool out of holder length
LTOOL_SIZE Lathe tool insert size
LTOOL_THICK Lathe tool insert thickness
LTOOL_WIDTH Lathe tool width
LTOOL_LENGTH Lathe tool length
LTOOL_TIP_RAD Lathe tool tip radius
LTOOL_INSERT_ANGLE Lathe tool insert angle
LTOOL_TIP_OFFSET Lathe tool tip offset
LTOOL_PRESET_PT_X Lathe tool preset point in X
LTOOL_PRESET_PT_Z Lathe tool preset point in X
LTOOL_TURRET_SHIFT_X Lathe tool turret shift in X
LTOOL_TURRET_SHIFT_Z Lathe tool turret shift in Z
LTOOL_FACE_ANGLE Lathe tool insert face angle
LTOOL_SIDE_ANGLE Lathe tool insert side angle
LTOOL_TIP_WIDTH lathe tool tip width
LTOOL_TIP_ANGLE Lathe tool tip angle
LTOOL_THREAD_PITCH Lathe tool thread pitch
LTOOL_THREAD_FLAT_LEN Lathe tool flat length
LTOOL_THREAD_INSERT_WIDTH Lathe tool insert width
LTOOL_THREAD_EDGE_POS_X Lathe tool edge position in X
LTOOL_THREAD_EDGE_POS_Z Lathe tool edge position in Z
LTOOL_MID_ANGLE Lathe tool mid angle
LTOOL_TIP_CENTER_TO_PRESET_X Lathe tool distance to preset X
LTOOL_TIP_CENTER_TO_PRESET_Z Lathe tool distance to preset Z
LTOOL_FACE_RELIEF Lathe tool face relief angle
LTOOL_DIA_RELIEF Lathe tool diameter relief angle
LTOOL_HOLDER_THICKNESS Lathe tool holder thickness
LTOOL_B_AXIS Lathe tool B axis angle
LTOOL_UTIL_LEN Lathe utility tool length
LTOOL_UTIL_DIA Lathe utility tool diameter
LTOOL_UTIL_ANGLE Lathe utility tool angle
TOOL_PRESET_X Tool preset position in X
TOOL_PRESET_Y Tool preset position in Y
TOOL_PRESET_Z Tool preset position in Z
TOOL_TC_SHIFT_X Tool turret shift in X
TOOL_TC_SHIFT_Y Tool turret shift in Y
TOOL_TC_SHIFT_Z Tool turret shift in Z